Swiss International

Swiss International was formed from the remnants of Swissair and Crossair and, although in the wake of the demise of Swissair, it has inherited the mantle of the national airline of Switzerland, it is now owned by the German airline Lufthansa.

Now operating an all Airbus fleet for longer international flights and Avro RJ100 aircraft for commuter routes and flights to London City Airport, the airline, based close to Basel, has been reinvigorated and now turns a regular annual profit.

The airline serves 72 destinations worldwide.

Swiss International Airlines

The 'Swiss' brand is very trusted by consumers, as reflected in a Condé Nast Traveller review, where the airline is rated highly. Travellers therefore see the brand as having traditional Swiss values in relation to service and quality. True to its roots Swiss International is dedicated to providing quality service throughout every cabin of the aircraft.

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